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Super Flatbeiner: Finishers & Floppers

Tue, Nov  18, 2003

A frosty morning dawned early for the Super Flatbeiner.  By the 9 AM start time temps had risen to 18F.  A clear pathway and sunny blue skies would make the 50 mile rollerski jaunt a memorable day however.

Fourteen beiners started and one met us at the halfway point.  Numbers would have been higher but several Muskegon loppers had ridden the Iceman the day before and chose to remain in bed flopping for most of the day.

The results in order of finish or discontinuance are as follows:

1.  Don Camp - Did the Iceman and attended Cliff Onthanks birthday party
2.  Greg Worsnop - Did the Iceman
3.  Bob West
4.  Carl Scharphorn
5.  Stephen Smigiel - Did the Iceman
6.  Steve Smigiel - Flat Tire
7.  Ernie Brumbaugh - Flopped at 41 miles
8.  Dell Todd - Flopped at 38 miles
9.  Mike Angell - Flopped at 38 miles
10.  Dan Dubes - Flopped at approx 36 miles
11.  Jeff Faber - Flopped at approx 36 miles
12.  Larry Kaiser - Flopped at approx 36 miles
13.  Dan Nolan - Flopped at 20 miles
14.  Lars Wigert - Official Greeter at Ravenna

Camp did seranade the Old Dog over the finish line with a guitar solo in honor of Weingartz last year.  "Don't know when I had so much fun," was Smigiel's comment on finishing.  "You're pretty sorry if you needs drugs to beat us" and "All techniques are worth practicing" were the latest Smigielisms.

Next stop for your correspondent and the Old Dog is West Yellowstone - Nov 21. This year we have an entourage of 8.  Keeps growing.

- Ernie Burmbaugh