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It's Official: Team NordicSkiRacer Wins MI Cup!

Mon, Mar  28, 2005 - By Mike Muha

It's official! Team becomes the first southeastern Michigan team to win the overall Michigan Cup team championship in 14 years. Not since Ullr/Maybury‚Äôs 1991 championship has any team anywhere near the Detroit are won the title. And it's been a decade -  Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team's 1995 title - since any southern Michigan ski team won the Michigan Cup.

In a very close contest that was only decided in the very last race of the season, on the last day of winter, Team became the Michigan Cup Champions. By carefully designing eleven relay teams, Team NSR was able to win enough team points to narrowly overcome a point deficit behind the Strait Striders and the Cross Country Ski Headquarters.

In the end, it was only 561 points that separated Team (23,678) from the Strait Striders. Third place Cross Country Ski Headquarters missed out of second place by only 114 points. The Headquarters were last year's winner of the Michigan Cup.

Team members are drawn from an area roughly bounded by Flint to the north, Ohio to the south, Lansing to the west, and Canada to the east, with one member from London, England. The team combines remnants of two other southeastern Michigan teams, Ullr/Maybury and Ann Arbor Cross Country, along with a group of cross country skiers training at or near Kensington Metropark near Brighton, Michigan. The team was founded in the summer of 2003.

The final results, including relays, look like this:

2005 Michigan Cup Team Championship Final
Point Count
Team 23,678
Strait Striders 23,117
Cross Country Ski Headquarters 23,038
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team 19,662
Traverse Nordic Ski Club 15,775
Cross Country Ski Shop 15,755
Ohio Nordic 4,196
Outside Edge 2,933

Team receives the Michigan Cup Team Trophy  at the end of the Relays