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MI Cup Individual Champions for 2005!

Mon, Apr  4, 2005 - By Ken Dawson

Seniors Andy Triebold and Tracy Hardin take top honors as the overall Michigan Cup Individual Champions for 2005. Kyle Endicott and Cassidy Edwards are the Junior Individual Champions. Kyle narrowly beat out Elliot Puttman for the title in a points tie-breaker.

Andy and Tracy also reign as this year's Freestyle Champions, based on their best four freestyle races. Denny Paull and Julie Houle are the 2005 Classic Champions, based on their best three classic races. Milan Baic and Tracy Hardin take the Combined Championship, based on their best classic, freestyle, and marathon.

Overall Individual Champions*

Champions Men Women
Overall: Seniors Andrew Triebold
Traverse Nordic
Tracy Hardin
Strait Striders
Overall: Juniors Kyle Endicott**
Cassidy Edwards
Freestyle Andrew Triebold
Traverse Nordic
Tracy Hardin
Strait Striders
Classic Dennis Paull
Strait Striders
Julie Houle
Team NordicSkiRacer
Combined Milan Baic
Traverse Nordic
Tracy Hardin
Strait Striders

*Scoring Notes:
  Overall: Top 5 races scored
  Freestyle: Top 4 freestyle races scored
  Classic: Top 3 classic races scored
  Combined: Top freestyle, classic, and marathon race scored

**Tie breaker in Head-to-Head with Elliot Puttman

Many of the same names show up as Age Class Champions as well. Overall Champions Kyle Endicott, Cassidy Edwards, Andy Triebold, Tracy Hardin, Julie Houle, and Denny Paull all won their age classes, along with Christian Byar, Cliff Onthank, Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh, Marvin Mendyk, Jean Murray, and Tenho Tikka.

Age Class Champions

Age Class Men Women
13-19 Kyle Endicott*
Cassidy Edwards
20-29 Andrew Triebold
Cross Country Ski Shop
Natalie Dawson
Team NordicSkiRacer.vom
30-39 Christian Byar
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team
Julie Houle
40-49 Dennis Paull
Strait Striders
Tracy Hardin
Strait Striders
50-59 Cliff Onthank
Traverse Nordic Ski Club
Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team
60-69 Marvin Mendyk
Strait Striders
Jean Murray
Cross Country Ski  Headquarters
70+ Tenho Tikka
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team

*Tie breaker in Head-to-Head with Elliot Puttman

Through great placement and skiing an awfully large number of races, Tracy Hardin and Michael Seaman accumulated more points than any other skiers with seasons!

Total Accumulated Points

Women Tracy Hardin
Strait Striders
Men Michael Seaman
Outside Edge

658 skiers raced in the Michigan Cup this year. Ken Dawson did a little analysis showing how many skiers did how many races. 73% of the men and 78% of the women do 2 or fewer races. 19% of the men and 13% of the women do 4 or more. Overall, men tend to participate in greater numbers (496 vs. 161) and race more often than women.

How Many Skiers Raced How Many Races?
(Includes juniors)

Number of Races


5+ Races 70 14% 13 8%
4 Races 24 5% 8 5%
3 Races 42 8% 15 9%
2 races 119 24% 40 25%
1 Race 242 49% 85 53%


497 100% 161 100%


2005 Michigan Cup Team Championship*
Team Final
Point Count
Team 23,678
Strait Striders 23,117
Cross Country Ski Headquarters 23,038
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team 19,662
Traverse Nordic Ski Club 15,775
Cross Country Ski Shop 15,755
Ohio Nordic 4,196
Outside Edge 2,933

Top 30 from each team scored