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Michigan Cup Results Mailing Coming Soon

Wed, Apr  20, 2005 - By Ken Dawson

Some of you may have already received a copy of this years result.  Mailings started with Team members and than progressed to those who are receiving pins and medals (see to learn more about who receives pins). 
I am confident that this years results are the most complete and accurate so far.  This is due to excellent communication and feedback from website.  By posting the results throughout the ski season, I was able to get several clarifications corrected as the year went on. 

Thanks to those who emailed and sent me their modifications.  Hopefully the results can be used as a catalyst to generate even more excitement for next year.

Encourage everyone to join a ski team, because we had several skiers who earned a pin or medal and were not on a ski team.  Many of skiers are from our junior ranks and we need to encourage them to join a team.

Have a nice summer and I look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Ken Dawson