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Oberhof Germany new stop in Tour de Ski

Tue, Sep  23, 2008 - By FIS

Today, we would like to introduce the newcomer Tour de Ski host city Oberhof in Germany. The popular winter sports city Oberhof is situated in the middle of the Thuringian Forest (800 m over sea level) in Germany. Because of its central location and the great landscape of the low mountain ranges Thuringia in addition to its tourism and winter sport center, Oberhof is also called the green heart of Germany. Peacefulness, clean air and awesome views made the little town at the "Rennsteig" a center of tourism already in the 19th century.

Winter sports have a long tradition in Oberhof. Today, the town boasts a unique concentration of winter sport facilities and based on its long-term engagement for young athletes it is known as one of the strongest training centers of the German Ski Federation. In addition to the current infrastructure the first ski tunnel in Germany is being built at the moment in Oberhof (for more information please see article "Ski tunnel in Oberhof").

Top skiers like Axel Teichmann and Ronny Ackermann have their sportive homes in Oberhof. The amazing atmosphere during the annual FIS Nordic Combined World Cup events as well as during the 2004 Biathlon World Championships, the annual Biathlon World Cups, and the 2008 Luge World Championships have shaped the tourism and winter sport image of Oberhof.