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Gathering Steam

Kris Freeman

Mon, Sep  22, 2008 - By Zach Caldwell

Everything continues to look very good for Kris. He did his first OD session since August today, and felt excellent. 2.5 hours downriver (well, downroad on rolling terrain, alongside the river), and then 2.5 hours back. He averaged 108bpm on the way down, and 112 on the way back. But he also went faster on the way back. Hills? What hills?

Anyway, the sensations are all very positive. Kris will spend a few days with Julie in New York starting the 23rd, and his volume will reduce drastically during that time. Still, if you’re in the city you might catch him out rollerskiing in central park on the 24th and 25th. After the NYC trip Kris comes back for another five days of solid training leading into the Lake Placid camp which starts the 1st.

Reprinted with permission from the Kris Freeman website at Copyright © Zach Caldwell and Kris Freeman

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