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MI State Development Group Training Camp Announced

Thu, Apr  21, 2005 - By Nick Baic

The Michigan State Development Group will have a monthly series of weekend training camps, rotating between Marquette, Traverse City, and Houghton. The first camp will be in Marquette on July 16 and 17.

The goals of the camp are to:

1. Provide an impetus for ski training through the summer months, thereby improving each skier's fitness, technique and results.

2. Expose our athletes to a variety of coaching techniques and philosophies, and provide workout groups tailored to different ability levels (and goals).

3. Get the athletes together more frequently so they continue to function as a coherent team at JO's, and gain friendships among other kids who 'do what they do'.


1. Hold a Sat/Sun ski training camp each month during the summer for current *and* prospective GLD skiers.  Use Friday as a transportation day to the camp and possibly as a 'mixer' activity.

2. Rotate the location of the camps between Marquette, Traverse City and Houghton to spread out the travel demands or allow kids to choose what works for their schedule. Perhaps consider other locations (Iron Mountain, Munising, Cheboygan) where suitable.

3. Keep the total cost for each weekend below $100 (incl. transportation, food, lodging, coaching, materials, ...).  House athletes with local team members or at local camping site or 'camp' to facilitate interaction.

4. Recruit coaches from the Central Region (GL District?) to participate in at least the camp nearest where they live.

5. Provide active things for off-time - lake swimming, moutain/road biking, paddling, etc. for those athletes with higher fitness/strength/activity levels.

More information forthcoming!