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Monster Placid Post 2008

Thu, Oct  9, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg

View from Whiteface Mountain Road.

Get off ma' road, punk!

Morgan Arritola.  Transition and sprint workout.

Caitlin Compton Team CXC Elite.

Tools of the Trade.



Partner Programs... Janice and Igor...

Lindsey Dehlin.  Speed and transition training.

Men's training group.  2 sets of 3 x 4 minutes double poling.

Skiers from Saab Factory Team, SVSEF and USST.

Andrew Newell.  Speed training.

Women's training group.  2 sets of 3 x 3:30 double pole intervals.

Early in the Women's race up Whiteface.

5 miles.  Up hill.

Smyth pulling...

Into the snow.  Liz Stephen, Morgan Arritola, Caitlin Compton.

Final half a K.

Lindsay Williams.

Kris Freeman.

Go to for more on the race.  Thank you NYSEF for the event!

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