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La Sgambeda: the end is the beginning

Mon, Oct  27, 2008 - By La Sgambeda

Livigno (SO) 24th October 2008 – Livigno is the ideal "land" with three international sports events: in summer the Pedaleda mountain bike race, and the Stralivigno half-marathon, then in winter, just before Christmas, here comes the Sgambeda, the first marathon of cross-country ski of the season.

Open Air Series won by skier

Organised by the local sports association with the coordination of the APT of Livigno, the three competitions represent the "Livigno Open Air" challenge.

In the 2007 Edition of the Livigno Open Air was won by Bruno Carrara, the cross-country athlete. "I've often come to Livigno with the National Team for the preparation" declares the man from Bergamo "and I've always been impressed by the beautiful of the valley. To be back also in summer is very exciting and motivating". Thinking about maybe winning also the 2008 Edition of the Open Air makes Bruno Carrara laugh, 48th place at the Pedaleda and the great (…also for him!) sixth place at the Stralivigno brings him at the first place in the rankings.

La Sgambeda

Ten days before Christmas starts the La Sgambeda, the 42 km cross-country race, part of the FIS Marathon Cup, the cup of long distance races. In the meantime, the biggest athlete from all times Bjorn Daehlie has confirmed that he will be there, along with other top athletes. The most represented nations of the discipline are Norway and Sweden which will open the long trail with hundreds of athletes. The prize money is confirmed: 21.000 Euro, divided between the first 6 of men and women, following the FIS Marathon Cup rules, and other prizes from the 7th to the 10th place.

La Sgambeda cross country ski racer

Showcase for companies

A competition such as the one in Livigno, with more than thousand racers in the two lengths (42 and 21 Km) has a big media presence on the most important revues of the sector (last year many articles on the Norwegian radio NRK, thanks to the presence of the brothers Anders and Joergen Aukland and of Thomas Alsgaard). All this gives the opportunity to gather a pool of sponsors of high level which gather local realities as the Coop Livigno, Nera Wines, Dairy of Livigno, Vis jams, Profumeria Erika Livigno, to national companies, as Levissima, Credito Valtellinese and Enervit.

In the partnership the presence of Compagnia delle Opere and the Provincia di Sondrio with his patronage. Confirmed the usual expo at the Plaza Placheda with the most important companies of the "snow world", as Fischer, Salomon, Leki, Rossignol, Adidas Eyewear and Start, as also BJ, clothing company founded by Daehlie wich personalizes the race package of the MiniSgambeda, competition reserved for kids born from 1990 and 2000 taking place on Saturday.

La Sgambeda cross country ski race

Closing the list of the companies, Ski Trab (skis), Maplus (waxes) and Garmin (GPS-enabled watches): Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 December, before and after the race, the guest swill be able to find all the news of the sector in the expo at the cross-country stadium of Livigno, where the material can also be tested or at the Expo Center Sgambeda in Plaza Placheda. In addition, the price Enzo Savio for the first arrived of the category Over 50, the company Alexander Distilleria Bottega.

Personalized number

Technique confirmed and also the track of 42 km, two times the one of 21Km. The choice is stopping after the "short" race of 22.5 Km which will have a separate ranking. Registration is already open; don't miss the first expiry date of the 31st October for the price of € 40,00: after that date to the 9th of December the price will be of € 55,00. For all racers registering until the 29th November, the organisation will give a personalized number with the name of the athlete printed on it.

And don't miss the Christmas Markets, as usual in the heart of Livigno: an occasion to make sport and also some shopping.

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La Sgambeda FIS Marathon Series