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Michigan Cup rules change for 2009

Thu, Oct  30, 2008 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

The following are the rules changes for the Michigan Cup 2009 Season.  They mostly involve Junior scoring and the rest are suggestions to race organizers.  Michigan Cup does not put on ski races and therefore we can not make demands of race organizers. 

The Junior scoring was changed to reflect the overall percentage of Junior skiers in the Michigan Cup.  Scoring intervals (points available) reflect the percentage of skiers in each age group and are changed occasionally to reflect changes in the skiing population.  A resolution to the situation in which there are more than one Junior race distance in a class (Men or Women) has also been enacted, allowing both races to score while maintaining one Junior class.

Junior Scoring

Scoring will be based on one division each for Junior Men and Junior Women starting at 200 and going down by 6 for each place for Junior Men and 8 for Junior Women.  Where there are two races distances in either the Junior men or women’s class then the long distance begins at 200 and the short distance begins at 150 for first and goes down by 6 points for each place in Junior Men and 8 points for each place in Junior Women.  This has been done to simplify Junior scoring compared to last year and bring total Junior points back in line with numbers of Junior skiers as a percentage of all Michigan Cup racers.  

Race organizers will be urged to hold two races where the Junior race is 10K or longer.  Age sixteen and up do the long race and 15 and under do the short.  

New race at Champion Hill

Champion Hill has been added to the Michigan Cup schedule on Jan 11 with a short interval start freestyle race, tentatively 15K for Seniors and 5K for Juniors.

Guidance for race difficulty

Race organizers are encouraged to not exceed World Masters course difficulty requirements, in keeping with the large age/ability distribution of Michigan Cup skiers.  Remember that this is up to the race organizer as Michigan Cup does not put on races. But extermely difficult races discourages race participation.

Separate starts for men and women

Race organizers are encouraged to hold separate Women’s starts to follow the Men’s start in Mass Start races. Again, it is up to the race organizers. The Michigan Cup recommends separate races as a way to attract more women skiers to the race.