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An interview with Tour de Ski winner Lukas Bauer

Thu, Oct  30, 2008 - By Fischer

This year the Nordic World Cup season does not start with the World Cup in Düsseldorf (GER)  but rather with the Nordic ski journalists meeting beforehand at the so called Forum Nordicum to receive the latest news about  the IBU, the FIS and the industry. Fischer took the opportunity to invite the media to an exclusive press conference.

To start with, the Nordic General Manager, Franz Föttinger, gave a short overview about the current situation at the company Fischer. Due to some market figures he pointed out that the last two winters of little snow are still prooving a really big challenge for the ski industry. It is also remarkable that the large Russian market is so important. "Meanwhile Russia accounts for almost half of our business" said Föttinger, "therefore it would be nice so see more World Cup races taking place in Russia."

Young and strong into the future
In the following interview Gerhard Urain, Nordic Racing Service Director, introduced the Fischer Racing Team for the 08l-09 season. Despite the serious reduction to the budget the Nordic Number One will start into the new World Cup season with a strong team thanks to some well known newcomers. Young and promising athletes and well organised mentoring of the junior racers should ensure the success in the future. Urain is especially happy that so many athletes are using the whole Fischer package: "The trend is that the athletes trust in both skis and boots from Fischer and this will be our target for the future."

Stars from the Czech Republic
A star of the evening was without doubt the Tour de Ski winner and Overall World Cup Winner 07l08, Lukas Bauer (CZE, Fischer), who was available for some interviews. The highlight of the day also ended with Lukas Bauer receiving the "King of ski" award - elected by the ski journalists. 

Interview with Lukas Bauer

Fischer: After having so much success last year - how did this effect your training and your life ?
Lukas Bauer: I tried to live and train as normal, but of course it is more difficult than last year. There are a lot of meetings with media and sponsors. But this is just one side of the success and I'm coping well with it.

Fischer: This summer you were in the ski tunnel of Torsby (SWE) for the first time. How was it there?
Lukas Bauer: I was very satisfied with the tunnel in Torsby and also with my ski technique. We made a 14 day, very hard camp and at the end I was very happy that it was finished.

Fischer: You also skied the Tour de Trondelag (NOR) this summer - on natural snow. Tell us more about that.
Lukas Bauer: First when the organisators asked me to participate I thought it was a joke. But they saved some snow up on the mountains and it was very nice to be on snow after two months again.

Fischer: Are there any special preparations being made before a season with the World Championships in your home country?
Lukas Bauer: No I think I have nothing special compared to last year. The only big difference is that I am healthy this year so I have some more training hours in my legs. The feeling at the moment is very good and I hope my form will even improve before the Tour de Ski and especially before the World Champs.

Fischer: This year is a really tight schedule having Tour de Ski, Pre-Olympics and the WCH. Will you go through the whole program?

Lukas Bauer: No, I will make some changes like I did last winter. Before the Tour de Ski I will leave out Düsseldorf (GER) and perhaps Davos (SUI) even though the 15 km is in classical style there. Additionally I'm sure that I will leave out the Pre-Olympics because the date is really difficult and I don't want to risk travelling too much before the World Champs.

Fischer: What are your main goals for this season - I guess everybody asks you this?

Lukas Bauer: Yes they do and everybody wants to hear from me that I want to win a gold medal. For sure I want to, but I have to fight against the best skiers in the World. So I will also be satisfied with silver or bronze.