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Thu, Jan  17, 2008 - By Mike Muha

The real competition this year is not for the overall Michigan Cup lead, but the 2nd annual "I beat you!" competition between Chris Weingartz and me. Chris started this last year when he began comparing cumulative races times over the season. I had a lead on him through January until he crushed me in the Noque. I was not able to overcome the deficit through the rest of the season.

Here's the standings so far: I've beat Chris in three races so far, but his outstanding race (or my terrible race - you pick) at the Boyne Highlands 10km Classic almost put him in the lead. I'm ahead of Chris by a mere 3 seconds.

Race Mike Chris Diff
Holiday Classic 10km 32:38 33:16 -:38
Nubs Nob 10km Freestyle 35:49 36:47 -:58
Boyne Highlands 10km Classic 41:20 39:19 2:01
Team Time Trial 5km Freestyle 14:38 15:06 -:28
TOTAL 2:04:25 2:04:28 -:03


Chris, just so you know, I plan on widening that gap this weekend!

(And the gauntlet has been thrown down....)