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Anikin Clinic moved to Dec 27-28

Sun, Nov  23, 2003

Dear Friends,

I’m just off the phone with Nikolai Anikin, Jr. He and his dad, the former head Soviet coach, Nikolai Anikin, Sr., will be available for a clinic at Forbush Corner, December 27 & 28. The back up date is Jan. 31 & February 1. Over 30 skiers have won Olympic and World Cup medals under his coaching. One of them, Vladimir Smirnov, almost gave up skiing at one point as he had been an also ran for so long. Nikolai encouraged him to give it one more year. “I think it will all come together for you next year.” (It was in Russian tho, and not English, of course : ) Vladimir was the world champion skier that year. Both of them have visit FC but during the summertime. . .and I wasn’t home (sigh).

The plan is for a full 2 day clinic that covers both classical and skating.

The Anikins have been brilliant and are the primary reason that you see so many technically superior skiers at Forbush Corner. BUT they are not just for the skiing elite. We have had lots of beginners. Beginners have the advantage of not having years and years of bad habits to overcome. With two instructors, it will mean that everyone gets lots of attention.

In the past, the clinics have been limited to 20 people, and so it is necessary to get your registration in ASAP. It sounds like we may be able to slip a few more in this time but don’t count on it. The cost for the two days is only $68! Unfortunately, once we commit to the clinic and the Anikins, we can not refund money. However, you are welcome to find another participant to take your place.

Don’t wait. It is a wonderful opportunity to get more fun out of your skiing.

Dave Forbush