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Noah- T-minus

Thu, Nov  13, 2008 - By Noah Hoffman

Almost time to rock and roll.  Here is what Noah is doing.

Morgan, Alexa, and I are back in Sun Valley after Lake Placid training with the rest of the Sun Valley Olympic Development Team till West. It’s been a good opportunity for a good block of training. This time of year is harder for me: the weather sucks, the days are shorter, the town is dead, the camp season is over, and it seems like the race season should be here, but we’re getting closer to West Camp, and the training itself is going well.



We have had some team get-togethers. Above are pictures from a party at the Sinnott’s house.


Also some snowy, muddy, and sometimes cold bike rides.





Some quality time in the weight room.





Earlier this week we had 3 days of on snow time at Galena, but it’s too thin now. It’s almost time to ‘go’ though. Excited and nervous. Time to Rock and Roll.

(Pictures Courtesy Mikey Sinnott, Kelly, Sinnott, Nicole DeYoung, Noah Hoffman, and Miles Havlick)

By Noah Hoffman

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