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Muonio Skate Pics

Mon, Nov  17, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg

Hard is good.

A lot of things can make a difference, but to win the most important thing is fitness.  Train, train well, train a lot, train hard, balance it with rest.  Train.

Freeman racing All Out and finishing with no excuses. The training, testing and racing here have been great prep for the World Cup even if the results have not been the fun kind.


Andy Newell hammering out 15km.  We are all healthy and I feeling really confident about our prep for the season.

Hard environment, beautiful place.

There are so many skiers here trying to make the first period of world cups for their country.  This is no game - skiing is it and this is their shot.  This is the competition.  We are ready.

That isn't to say this isn't fun.  But besides the joy of skiing, the excitement of travel and the friendship of team...

you better love the challenge, the work and the pain.

Personally, I would never do this if it were not for the athletes and staff I work with.  Here Oleg and Randy...

But I also love the hard work and the though it is hard to love frustration and set-back those things are motivating.  If it were easy success wouldn't be worth chasing.

Luckly it isn't easy and it won't be getting any easier the closer we get to our goals.

Night comes a little early up here for my taste.

But the effort of the athletes and the staff... makes a little dark, a little chill, a bit of travel no issue at all.



(vordenberg pics)

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