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CXC, USST launch FoXC program

Wed, Nov  26, 2008 - By CXC Skiing

Now you can show your support for cross country ski athletes and receive a limited edition 2009 FoXC “Friends of Cross Country” hat from Bjorn Daehlie.  Send your gift of $50.00 or more to Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC), the regional governing body for cross country skiing, and we’ll send you your own limited addition 2009 FoXC hat.

FoXC Friends of Cross Country hatProceeds will support cross country skiers in the Midwest across the entire development pipeline including the newest program; CXC Youth.  CXC Youth actively works with kid’s 3-13 and their families and ski clubs to develop structure, support and curriculum for fun on skis. It is at the youth level that kid’s and their families develop a life long love of cross country skiing.  The benefits are obvious; getting outside in the winter, participating in one of the most aerobically demanding sports, and eating healthy snacks at club activities. Ultimately creating an opportunity for life long fitness.

Display your support of cross country skiing by wearing and giving your friends and kids a FoXC hat to wear.  We thank you in advance for your donation and support.  As Pete Vordenberg, Olympian and U.S. Cross Country Ski Team Head Coach says, “The steps of the Olympic podium are only the final steps of a grand stair case. The way to get to the top is one step at a time, not missing a single step.”  The first step is an active healthy childhood with support of the entire ski community. Be a friend!

The Norwegian Ski Federation has used a program like this for years to raise funds for its skiers. Citizens show their support by purchasing over 8000 hats annually.  Let’s step up to the plate and contribute for a strong, fast, and healthy future for our kids.

Please donate now at or send a check directly to CXC with "FoXC" on the memo line to:

CXC Skiing
P.O.Box 930442
Verona, WI 53593