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Gällivare Relay

Tue, Nov  25, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg

Lots of pics of the men's and women's relay.

No playing around.

Whole group at .2 of a km.

Three left at 3.5km.

The chase.  Note Sweden way in the back... they end up third.

It is simple.  So many factors that can play a role and only one thing that really matters.

Get fit and go all out.

Crush the kick.

Charge it.

Never say die.

Team first.


Is this going to work?  I haven't figured out how to take clear pictures in this "light" and these guys figured out how to get solar power up here? 

How will you seperate yourself from the crowd?

It is simple.  But not easy.

Newell #10.  The race was great prep for Newell and Cook for the up coming races.  Unfortunately we have one sick skier and we could not complete the relay as we only have four skiers here (mixed-nation teams are not allowed any more).

Downhills are fast and often icy on the WC.  Practice.


Cook hammering over the top of a short steep hill.

Leaders at the bottom of the longest hill on the course.

World Cup.

World Cup.

Hellner and Northug made up a gap of around 15 seconds and then crushed the sprint for 1st and 2nd.

Kuusamo is next.  The Stoke is High.

All In.

(vordenberg images)