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2009 Junior World Championships split between two countries

Mon, Dec  1, 2008 - By FIS

The 2009 FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships are divided between two nations this year - an exception for 2009 because of the extremely short time remaining until the event to find an organizer to carry out all three disciplines. The two co-organizers appointed by the Council are:

  • The French Ski Association with Praz-de-Lys/Sommand (FRA) as organizer of the Junior and U-23 Cross-Country events from January 31 to February 6, 2009.
  • The Slovak Ski Association with Strbske Pleso (SVK) as organizer of the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined competitions from February 5-8, 2009.

For the detailed programs, please click here for Praz-de-Lys-Sommand and here for Strbske Pleso.