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NorAms replace SuperTour?

Wed, Dec  10, 2008 - By Mark Waechter

In case you're not following along closely, there have been some schedule changes in the racing for the NorAms (which seem to be taking the place of the SuperTour events).

With the absense of snow most places out west, Silverstar is becoming a 2nd home for a whole mess of ski racers.  The races this past weekend, and now the transferred races from Callaghan Valley this coming weekend.   I'm certain that the Same Sun Hostel at Silverstar is jammed (and since alpine skiing hasn't opened, the XC crowd has total domination of the ping-pong table).    

Schedule changes seem to be settled out now (??), with mass start on Thursday, sprints on Friday, and classic individual starts on Saturday evening under the lights...

Check here

...or here  for the race notice (pdf)

...or here

Cross Country Canada seems to be keeping on top of it, but it might be handy to see this info in one of the USA sites...? Like

Big weather changes are expected starting Friday, out here in the northwest, and much colder temps along with a big shot of snow, are expected.