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Michigan Cup cures SAD

Thu, Dec  11, 2008 - By Fran Upton

At the end of fall when the days are getting shorter, and the air is getting chilly, you read a lot of articles about SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorder, it’s just hard to want to jump out of our warm toasty beds only to be greeted by winter chill, cold floors and dark, gray skies. 

I’m fortunately not one of those people. I’m more affected by a different kind of SAD…Social Affected Disorder.  No more golf league, no more hanging with the girls, no more gossiping on the beach with all my neighbors.

Michigan Cup to the rescue!!!  In 19?? A group of ski lovers decided to form teams around Michigan and northern Ohio to compete for the Michigan Cup.  A trophy to be awarded to the cross country team that accumulates the most points during the winter through a variety of races, skate, classic, long distance, sprints, team relays, you name it they got it!!!  I could see a cure to my social affected disorder!!!

Fran Upton cross country skis up The Wall on the Vasa Trail

Fran Upton cross country skis up The Wall on the Vasa Trail
(photo by Craig Webb)

I joined, and it is just what the doctor would have ordered if there really were such a disorder as mine.  Joining a cross country team is the greatest.  I will never be the fastest person on skis, but it is amazing how you get more efficient on your skis just by talking to your teammates about what waxes to use, how to dress properly, what to eat and drink, and technique.  I can tell you that when you become more efficient you want to ski more, even if you aren’t the fastest person out there.

I enjoy going to as many races as I can though out the winter not only to try to better my results, but to enjoy a sport I love with others who enjoy it as much as myself.

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