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Johan Olsson's first win; Kuitunen's fourth

World Cup

Mon, Dec  15, 2008 - By FIS

Johan Olsson first time on top

The 28-year-old Johan Olsson (SWE) won his first World Cup victory ever in his career in the 15 km Individual start race in the classical technique in Davos (SUI).  

In an exciting race on the 3 x 5 km course in Davos the Swede Johan Olsson claimed victory in a time of 40:10.0min with an advantage of 10,5 seconds to the runner up Axel Teichmann (GER). On third place finished Sami Jauhojärvi from Finland 28,5 seconds behind Olsson.

Johan Olsson started from the beginning very strong and kept the speed until the end. Axel Teichmann, a well-know slow starter was quite quick on the first kilometres and increased his speed towards the end. During the entire race Olsson and Teichmann were fighting for the best position.

Olsson took over with his victory today the yellow bib of the overall World Cup leader. He is leading this ranking with 186 points ahead of Petter Northug (NOR, 160 points) and Sami Jauhojärvi (FIN, 160 points). In the Distance World Cup the first two spots are occupied with Olsson (SWE) and Northug (160 points) as well but on the third rank is there Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR, 155 points).


Johan Olsson (SWE): "It is an amazing day. I was strong already the whole season but now I made the podium and even the victory - it feels still a bit unreal! Last year I started quick, too quick but this year I was more efficient and kept a bit of energy for the last round. I knew all the time that it is pretty close to Axel and I just skied, even on the finish straight I was not really sure but than I hear the announcer Kjel Erik.

I changes small things in my preparations for the season, I'm working now with Joachim Abrahamsson (Coach) and was also working a lot with my mental was not only the marriage with Anna (Anna Olsson, former Dahlberg) why I am stronger than ever ;-) I will not compete in the Tour de Ski and will be training back home for my season highlight - the World Championships.

Axel Teichmann (GER): "The course here in Davos fit's me well as it is started quite flat and I can start the race with double poling - that suits me. After the weaker start of the season where I felt quite tired I am satisfied with my good race and happy about the second place. We made in our pre-season camp not so much fast training that's why I need maybe more time to come into the season. My next focus in on the start of the Tour de Ski in Oberhof and then after the first stages we will see what I can achieve in the overall ranking of the Tour. My other focus is for sure in the World Championships in Liberec. I will defend my World Champion title.

Sami Jauhojärvi (FIN): "I was quite tired after the races in La Clusaz. I felt not so comfortable this morning but then during the race I realize that I might finish on the podium. I had extremely good ski's. I like the third place but 2nd and 1st would be better. I am looking forward to the Tour de Ski as it has a lot of classical races and should fit me well - two years ago I finished on 7th position but this year I would like to fight for a Tour podium place.  

Fourth victory for Kuitunen

Virpi Kuitunen from Finland won for the fourth time in a row the Individual start race over 10 km in Davos.  

Under blue sky and great winter conditions, the 32-year-old Kuitunen claimed victory in the classical technique race in a time of 29:51.0 min clearly 18 seconds ahead of her team mate and World cup leader Aino-Kaisa Saarinen. The third spot took Marit Bjoergen (NOR) 46,7 seconds behind the winner.

Kuitunen started with the second best time into the race at the first intermediate point, had always control on the race and increased her speed towards the end. Also Marit Bjoergen was pushing hard in the second part of the race and fixed her 47th World Cup podium places on the last uphill.   

In the overall World Cup, Aino Kaisa Saarinen increased her lead to in total 365 points. The runner up is Virpi Kuitunen already 96 points behind Saarinen. On third rank is at the moment Justyna Kowalczyk from Poland with 227 points.

In the distance World Cup the first two spots are occupied by Saarinen (320 points) and Kuitunen (229 points). On third rank is Kirstin Steira from Norway.


Virpi Kuitunen (FIN): " I like the place here. It is my fourth victory here and it seems to fit's me well. I tried to focus on the whole course and to put the energy on the right place and not to lose too much of it at the beginning. The tracks are nice but also tough. I feel not in the top shape right now but certainly better than last week. I will stay now one week more in Davos for training and preparing me for the Tour de Ski.  

Aino Kaisa Saarinen (FIN): "Maybe I was too fast at the beginning, towards the end I lost some energy. The race was tough but I'm satisfied with my second place. I will continue to fight for keeping the yellow bib and hope for a podium spot in the Tour de Ski. My skating is better than ever."

Marit Bjoergen (NOR): "I was slow at the beginning but then I came faster and faster. The tracks are great here but it is not easy to ski in this altitude. I will compete tomorrow in the sprint race and then preparing me for the next races in the Tour de Ski. I hope I can fight there for a good place maybe for the first places"

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