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SOLDA HC Series Waxes

Thu, Dec  18, 2008 - By Bert Hinkley

Solda HC series of cross country ski waxesWhile it is not necessary or even advised to use the expensive fluorocarbon powders for training, it is advised that skis be waxed every time you go out for a serious training session. This could put a big dent in the wax budget. So, keep in mind that SOLDA also produces high quality hydrocarbon waxes and low fluoro/hydrocarbon hybrids. The line labeled HC in yellow, orange, violet and blue are traditional paraffin waxes made from very clean, high quality paraffin.

Luciano, from SOLDA, told me recently that it is important for our customers to know that it is not necessarily what the percentage of fluoros is to paraffins in a hybrid that is the most important factor. One should consider the source and quality of the basic materials and have confidence that SOLDA uses the best.

Each HC.1 wax comes with a free sample of SOLDA F-15 wax.

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