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SOLDA Performance Red & UF7

Fri, Dec  19, 2008 - By Bert Hinkley

Solda UF7 cross country ski waxThe Performance Red is a wide range, mostly hydrocarbon (the cousin of the bulk wax Techno Red) that has just a touch of fluorocarbon. It has a low melting point, penetrates well and is a great way to keep the skis ready to go.

My all-around favorite wax that I have used for training and even racing is SOLDA UF7. This stuff is amazing. Slightly harder than Performance Red, it has a wide range (just a bit colder than PR) and runs well on all kinds of snow surfaces. You can get it in a standard 60g, unobtrusive gray package, or in a large 250g block for the whole high school team on race day. This stuff seldom misses.

Click here for SOLDA Performance UF7...