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SOLDA Bulk Waxes

Sat, Dec  20, 2008 - By Bert Hinkley

SOLDA bulk cross country ski waxesFrom my past life, I remember waxing sessions (I hesitate to call them parties) where a group of us would gather at the school ski room, crank up some Rolling Stones, and wax our skis, our wives skis and our kids skis.

For this kind of volume we have a few fantastic choices that keep the budget in balance and the skis gliding. SOLDA makes 500g blocks of Universal Base, Techno Red and Techno Green. The Universal Base is the perfect base for any further wax application or storage and is a descent glide wax in warmer temps. The Techno Red is a mid temperature wax and the Techno Green for cold temps or hardening the bases of new skis after multiple layers of increasingly harder wax have been ironed, scraped and brushed.

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