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Michigan Cup Team Points proposal

Thu, Dec  18, 2008 - By Ed Anderson, Ken Dawson, Chris Jones

2009 Michigan Cup
Team Race Scoring Proposal


Team points will be awarded for designated Michigan Cup races based on a traditional cross country scoring system. Points will be totaled at the end of the season and a Team Champion will be assigned for each division with the highest number of points. See "A Michigan Cup Scoring proposal" for additional information.

Three divisions will be contested: 

  • Men’s Open (< 50)
  • Men’s Masters (50 or older)
  • Women  

Seven classic races, seven freestyle races and the end of the season relay will be scored:

Classic Races Freestyle Races

1. Garland Gripper 11K

1. Champion Hill 15K

2. Noquemanon 50K

2. Garland Glide 19K

3. Hanson Hills 12K

3. Noquemanon 50K

4. White Pine 50K

4. Michigan Cup Marathon 30K

5. North American Vasa 50K

5. White Pine 50K

6. Black Mountain Classic 30K

6. North American Vasa 50K

7. Boyne Mountain Classic 15K

7. Boyne Highlands Freestyle 15K

Team points for the designated “Team Races” will be as follows:

1st = 15 points
2nd = 12
3rd = 10
4th = 8
5th = 6
6th = 5
7th = 4
8th = 3
9th = 2
10th = 1

For each race, each team will place their top 5 skiers for each men’s division and their top 3 women.  If teams fail to finish 5 skiers in a men’s division or, 3 women, they’ll get the points awarded to the last place team (i.e.. If there are 6 teams at a race, then a team w/o 5 skiers would get 5 points). 

Points are assigned to skiers based on their finish position in a race:

1st place = 1 point
2nd place = 2 points
3rd place = 3 points
4th place = 4 points
5th place = 5 points
6th place = etc

Each team will score the top 5 skiers from their men’s divisions and their top 3 women.  

Lowest point totals for each division will win the race, 2nd lowest = 2nd place, etc.  In the case of ties, the team with the best 6th skier finish will win.  Places held by non Mi Cup skiers or, incomplete teams will be included when calculating the race point totals.  

Team points will be awarded for relay events per team finish positions.  Each team will be able to score their best place finish for each division.