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Interview with Tour favorite Dario Cologna

Mon, Dec  29, 2008 - By FIS

One of the top Tour favorites Dario Cologna (SUI) claimed the leader bib after Stage Two in Oberhof (GER). A post-race interview with him, courtesy of SI Zürich:

What does it mean to you to wear the Tour de Ski leader bib?

Dario Cologna: It is a very nice feeling. But we should not forget that there are another five races to go. At the moment everything is super and I think that I have good chances in the sprint in Prague on Monday. I have already shown in Davos that I can do well in sprint. It does not matter that there are no hills on the Prague course.

Did you work together with Axel Teichmann in the 15 km race in Oberhof?

Cologna: We cooperated without having decided to do so. It was in our joint interest to stay up front and win as much time on the followers as possible. That I would ski behind him for longer stretches was clear. I had to first catch up to him in the beginning. I felt good and had a great race. At the end Teichmann was having some problems in a few uphills. I gave it one try and got away immediately.

Do you feel to have made it to the world cross-country elite in your tender age of just 23 years?

Cologna: I think that I have made progress this year. If you rank in the top ten in the World Cup on a general basis I guess you can call yourself elite. But I do not think that I can become first or second in every race. I have gained in self-confidence and that makes me stronger.

Source: Sportinformation Zürich