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Tour leader say its not over yet

Tour de Ski

Wed, Dec  31, 2008 - By FIS

Dario Cologna is leading the 3rd edition of the Tour de Ski after three Stages. But there is still much to come, he warns.

How do you deal with the media attention around you?

Dario Cologna: I have not got a full picture of it, and that's maybe just good. On our day off, I had visits from ARD and Norwegian TV. Also TV Sweden wanted to make a story about me. I enjoy the attention beyond the Swiss borders. As long as I am doing well it is part of it. But I am careful. I cannot fill all requests. The Tour has priority.

What impressed you the most in the first part of the Tour de Ski?

Dario Cologna: In Oberhof both the ambiance and the set up were very good. There were a lot of people along the course especially during Stage Two, cheering us on. That gives you a great feeling. I did not really care that it was a bit more quiet at the stadium as I was ahead of Teichmann in the finish.

How tired do you feel?

Dario Cologna: You do notice that during the race but I do not find it that bad. I am healthy and am recovering well. Last year I had some health problems. That is when I noticed the stress of racing and travel much more. On the day off, we went jogging in the morning. Then in the afternoon we had a relaxed ski.

Which of your opponents do you fear most in the second half of the Tour?

Dario Cologna: All those that have less than a minute on me. The short time margins after the first three Stages do not really bring any security. Especially in races in classical technique the margins can change rapidly.

The Tour will end on top of Alpe Cermis on Sunday. What do you recall from that Stage from last year?

Dario Cologna: It is really quite steep but I did not have too big difficulties there last year. And it will be equally painful for all. I wonder if you can call it Cross-Country Skiing there at the end? It is like a mountain climb and you do not do that with cross-country skis every day.

Source: Sportinformation Zürich