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National(s) 09

Sat, Jan  10, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg it.

Kincade Park.  Anchorage, Alaska.

Alexa Turzian.

Caitlin Compton.  1st place women's 5km skate.

Garrott Kuzzy leading a group of skiers in the men's 10km skate.

James Southam and APU coach Erik Flora.  Sure the coaches stand around in the cold some... but MANY MANY MANY thanks to all the volunteers who stood around in the cold all day for many days.  Thank you very much hearty volunteers - from the US Ski Team and all the racers and coaches alike!

Jessie Diggins - representing MN.

Kikkan Randall sliding along on the squeaky stuff.

Kris Freeman cannot wait for the rest of the season.  1st place, men 10km skate.

Laura -whirly bird- Valaas.

Leif Zimmermann.

Lindsey Dehlin.

Morgan Arritola.

Buddies, Tadd Elliott and Noah Hoffman.

Yeah, it is cold.  Yeah, the races are postponed, cancelled, held in chilly conditons.  Yeah, it isn't perfect.  But when the gun goes off all that doesn't matter.  Someone will win the race no matter how crazy the lead up or how strange the circumstance or how cold your toes get, so show up ready.



OK... this doesn't have anything to do with nationals.  But this post is dedicated to my neighbor Max who almost made it to 101.  The Aves will miss you.


(vordenberg images)