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Excellent video of 2009 Seeley Hills Classic

Thu, Jan  22, 2009 - By Mike Muha

Here's an excellent video showing classic race technique in action at the 2009 Seelely Hills Classic: Diagonal stride, herringbone, double pole, the proper technique for changing tracks - it'a sll here. CXC has done a great job on this 12 minute video. Highly recommended!

I've filed this in the Training / Technique section of the web site...

Here's the CXC press release:

465 Athletes enjoyed balmy single digit highs and incredibly beautiful snow in the classic only festival.

The CXC Team enjoyed a race at home after traveling and racing out West and in Alaska for the last 2 months. Kristina Owen of CXC won the women's 22k ahead of teammate Johanna Winters. The women showed their strength finishing 3rd and 10th overall. CXC's Heather Zimmerman finished strong as the 5th woman. 

Complete Results are available at:

Also new this year, CXC filmed the first half of the 42k on a snowmobile in preparation for filming the 2009 American Birkebeiner. To view the CXC 12 minute video from the first 20km of the 42 km race following the leaders, please click the link below:

Video from 2009 Seeley Hills Classic cross country ski race