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Sinnott and McCabe win 2009 Noquemanon Ski Marathon


Sun, Jan  25, 2009 - By Mike Muha

51K Classic

Michael Sinnott and Laura McCabe, both from the Saab Salomon Factory Team won the 51K classic Noquemanon Ski Marathon. Sinnott times was 2:28:38.4, about two minutes ahead of Houghton's Adam Airoldi (2:30:27.6). Two seconds behind Airoldi was Anders Osthus in third.

Laura McCabe was the top women and 16th overall (men and women combined) in 3:00:40.8. Martina Stursova was second in 3:04:53.9, followed by Kelly Skillicorn in 3:12:18.2.

The top Michigan Cup skiers were Steve Kuhl (Team in 2:50:14.3, 7th place overall and Lorraine Lund, 22nd in the women's division in 4:47:17.8.

51K Freestyle

Nikolai Anikin, Matt Weier, and Chip Tabor were the top three in the 51K Freestyle, in 2:24:17.3, 2:24:28.9, and 2:30:31.5. In the women's division, the top three were Paulette Niemi, Vicki Asmus, and Team NordicSkiRacer and Michiga Cup racer Natalie Dawson in 2:49:07.4, 2:59:51.4, and 3:07:59.9.

Top Michigan Cup male was Grand Rapid Nordic's David Mclean in 2:42:15.3 in 8th place.


Noquemanon Ski Marathon
Superior Dome
Marquette, MI
January 24 2009

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