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2009 Junior Vasa gets kids on skis

Thu, Feb  12, 2009 - By Pete Edwards

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

12:30 pm, 200 meter Classic, Ages 3-5 + 6-7

12:40 pm, 2 km Freestyle, Ages 6-15

12:45 pm, 2 km Classic, Ages 6-15

Junior Vasa

The Junior VASA returns to Traverse City on Saturday February 14, 2009 as a key part of the North American Vasa Festival of Races, attracting skiers ages 3-15 in cross-country skiing events ranging from 200 meters to 2 km in length. "Junior Vasa skiers will be the Vasa skiers of the future," stated Pete LaPlaca, Executive Director of the North American Vasa. "Hopefully they’ll remember the fun they had on skis in this event, and continue the sport for their entire lives. The smiles on these kid’s faces are our reward."

Junior Vasa

Registration fees are only $5 for Junior VASA entrants. All Junior VASA skiers will receive a medal of accomplishment at the finish line of their event. The events will take place at Timber Ridge RV and Recreation Resort in Traverse City, Michigan. The resort has indoor warming facilities and an outdoor fire pit where families can gather.

Junior Vasa

This will be the fourth year that the VASA Board of Directors is pleased to award "The North American VASA Team Champion Cup" to the northern Michigan grade school, middle school or high school with the greatest number of participants (relative to school size) in any Junior VASA event. The winning team will be chosen based on participation and not speed - racing is optional. The Team Champion Cup is a large traveling trophy that will be engraved with the winning school’s name, kept by the winning school for one year and then passed onto the next year’s winning school.

For more info check out the North American VASA website: WWW.VASA.ORG or call (231) 938-4400.

Junior Vasa