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Noah's Update

Mon, Feb  16, 2009 - By Noah Hoffman

Sometimes a little rest is needed...

For me this comes in the form of Phoenix, Arizona.

I didn’t ski well in France. I have no excuses and no explanation. I prepared as well as I know how.

I have some of the best coaches in the world working with me. Having John Callahan with me in Europe was incredibly beneficial. He knows me, he knows what I’m going through, and he’s exceedingly knowledgeable. Talking to Zach Caldwell has given me a confidence boost, helped me see the bigger picture, and let me learn from his vast experience and knowledge. Pat Casey, Matt Whitcomb, Randy Gibbs, Scott Johnston, Eileen Cary, Chris Mallory, and Karen-Ann provided the best support in the world.

So it’s back to the drawing board. It’s tough. I’m disappointed. I thought about calling the season. I not skiing to my standards and I feel like I’m letting everybody down. But none more so than myself. There are still big races, goals, lots to be gained, and plenty of time to turn things around. So I came to the desert to rest, play golf, read my book, run around a bit, and sit in the sun. And not think about skiing.