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Life in Czech

World Championships

Wed, Feb  25, 2009 - By Mo and Liz

By: Mo and Liz

We arrived in Czech, a new country for both of us, and, after a brief confusion getting through Prague, arrived in Liberec.

First stop, accreditation, where we had our pictures taken (a nice touch after a 13 hour drive), our all access granting credentials were made (going anywhere here without these is not an option), and picked up our complementary six packs of beer with our race packets. From there, we preceded to get lost in Liberec for another hour trying to find our dorms, but arrived at last and realized it is not JO’s anymore. There are hundreds of guards standing watch 24 hours a day, the autobahn was rerouted for us, and since entering the boarder of Czech, billboards line the streets leading the way to the venue. People are fired up and the snow falls every day, life is good.

Opening ceremonies kicked off World Championships.

Bird on the big screen....sweet.

Blood testing, Grover was either really fired up for this, or caffeinated.

Awards stage.

One of the trusty guards.

Kikkan in her best distance result.

Sara Renner climbing to a 9th place finish in the 10K classic.

Morgan Smyth skiing hard.

Home made ice bath

Oscar the Grouch?

Maybe you would be too if this was in your bathtub..

Sprints start tomorrow, relays coming on HOT and the 30K and 50K races will close down the show at the end of the week.  More to come.

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