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Michigan Cup standings: Juniors on top

Fri, Feb  27, 2009 - By Mike Muha

This is an up to date status of the Michigan Cup that includes all races to date including the Muffin and High School Championships.

Team Standings to Date:

1. Traverse City Junior Nordic - 28,277
2. HHCCSS - 27,819
3. CCSH - 27,060
4. NSR - 21,067
5. GRNST - 20,190
6. SS - 20,150
7. Traverse Nordic Ski Club - 15,540

In the individual standings (PDF), we now have two skiers with perfect scores of 1,000: Kaithlyn Patterson (Cross Country Ski Headquarters) and Brendan Baic (Team NordicSkiRacer) look to be the top juniors this year.

In the women's senior division, Strait Strider Tracy Hardin leads with 996 points. Gussie Peterson of Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop is in a close race with Grand Rapids Nordic's Amy Todd for second and third: 956 to 952 points.

The senior men's race is even closer: only 6 points separate the top three men. Strait Strider Denny Paull leads with 997 points, followed by the men of Traverse Nordic, Cliff Onthank and Todd Vigland with 994 and 991 points.

Could the Strait Striders take the top two senior places this year?

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