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Paula Gale Wins Endless Pursuit Package

Wed, Dec  10, 2003

Paula Gale of Traverse City is the Pursuit winner of a Personal Performance Package.

The package includes a Garmin Gecko 201 GPS, handlebar mount, arm band, PC Cable, and a Performance Pass lifetime basic access to training, tracking and analysis tools, with performance biometrics, elevation profiles, route maps and arial photos. This package lists for $299.99 on Endless Pursuit web site.

The Performance Pass will allow Paula to access features and functions like:

  • Upload treks
  • Comparing workouts over time
  • Detailed exercise analysis
  • 50+ metrics and charts
  • Customizing her workout metrics and graphs
  • Organizing treks in a folder based system
  • At-a-Glance calendar of her workouts
  • Mapping of her route anywhere in the U.S.
  • Email her trek to friends
  • Download a community trek to her GPS
  • Submit her trek to the Community - become famous!

Congratulations to Paula!

(Maybe we can get her to write about her experiences with the Package after she uses it for a while...)