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World Cup Final rules in brief

Fri, Mar  6, 2009 - By FIS

  • Overall result is based on the overall time score in all competitions
  • All racers have to finish all four races to earn points and prize money 
  • Max. 400 World Cup points will be awarded in total - 200 points for the overall result (200 points for the 1st, 160 points for the second, 120 points for the third place, etc.) and per each stage 50 points (50 points for the 1st, 46 points for the second and 43 points for the third) for the stage victory. 
  • There will be bonus seconds (minus seconds) at sprint in Stockholm (max. 60 sec.) and at designated intermediate points in the third stage (at one or more intermediate points), 15-10-5 seconds for the top three. At the end of the second and third stage, the top three will also get 15-10-5 bonus seconds
    In total, 320.000 CHF will be awarded for both genders, 110'000 for the overall victory per gender (the winner get 41.250 CHF of it) and each 10'000 CHF for the sprint ranking and daily ranking per gender
  • In the Pursuit and in the handicap start the overlapping rule is valid, which means that the overlapped athlete will have to leave the race. In the interval start competition with less than 5 km the athletes with more than 18% (for ladies) and 15 %( for men) will be excluded and in races with more than 5 km the percentage of the possibly losing time is 23 % for ladies and 20 % for men.