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Smyth from World's

Thu, Mar  5, 2009 - By Morgan Smyth

An Inspiring Experience

This winter I had the opportunity to see what it is all about....

I skied in my first World Cup.

(photo credit: Erik Nilsson)

I skied in my first World Championships.

(photo credit: Liz Stephen)

I won my first race in a long time... but winning the world championships qualifying race is very different than the real thing. Better keep training.

(photo credit - Garrott Kuzzy)

I saw real people. They eat, sleep and train. They ski with heart.

(photo credit - Torin Koos.)

I saw my teammates make history and break new ground.

(photo credit: TT)

I train with these girls. There aren’t any secrets.

(photo credit: TT)

This experience, like the 1997 Bill Koch Festival where I couldn’t crack the top ten, motivates me. You have to want it. So much so that you won't let anything stand in your way, not success, not failure, not money, not injury. The athletes standing on the real podium never give up, and they definitely don’t let anything stand in their way.

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