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Number 9

Kris Freeman

Fri, Mar  6, 2009 - By Zach Caldwell

Kris is bored. As far as I can tell he’s been spending a fair amount of time on the phone. It surfaced, in one of several conversations we’ve had (so far) today, that my number is on speed-dial. Not surprising, considering how frequently we talk. I’m number 9 on Kris’s speed dial.

Number 9 ???!?

OK - the phone probably has number 1 pre-set to voicemail. Julie must be number 2, and his mom must be number 3. Who the hell are 4,5,6,7&8? Kris claims that number 9 is actually a really good number - you know - corner position and all. I think he’s backpedalling like crazy.

Reprinted with permission from the Kris Freeman website at Copyright © Zach Caldwell and Kris Freeman

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