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VASA Rejoins American Ski Marathon Series

Fri, Aug  26, 2005 - By Mike Muha

The North American Vasa race has once again joined the American Ski Marathon Series for 2006. Founded in 1978 as the "Great American Ski Chase", the American Ski Marathon Series (ASM) provides every level of cross country skier with the chance to race across the United States in events from 30 to 50 kilomters or longer in length.

In previous years, the North American Vasa race date conflicted with an existing ASM event. This year will also be the 30th anniversary of the Vasa, making the event's return to the ASM even more special.

Two other events will also join the ASM in 2006: the City of Lakes Loppet in Minneapolis and the Gret Glen to Bretton Woods Adventure on the flanks of Mt. Washington in New Hamshire.

Last year, a racer's best 4 out of 11 events were used to determine individual season point totals. How many individual finishes will be required with the 14 events this year has not been announced. Skiers with the best cumulative total are crowned champions. Racers must complete four ASM marathon distance events in the same season to be considered eligible for Cup titles. This standard holds even in rare situation of weather/snow cancellation of individual races.

The American Ski Marathon Series schedule includes:

Pepsi Challenge - January 21, 2006
Lake Placid Loppet - January 21, 2006
Subaru Noquemanon Ski Marathon - January 28, 2006
Craftsbury Marathon - January 28, 2006
Boulder Mountain Tour - February 4, 2006
City Of Lakes Loppet - February 5, 2006
North American Vasa - February 12, 2006
Mora Vasaloppet - February 12, 2006
Minnesota Finlandia - February 18, 2006
American Birkebeiner - February 25, 2006
Tour of Anchorage - March 5, 2006
Great Glen to Bretton Woods Adventure - March 5, 2006
Yellowstone Rendezvous - March 11, 2006
California Gold Rush - March 19, 2006