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Skiing across Michigan for Margy's Transplant

Thu, Mar  19, 2009 - By Knut Hill

Knut is Crossing Michigan by XC ski for Margy's TransplantI am currently skiing across the State of Michigan to raise support for my mother-in-law's bone marrow transplant. I have covered nearly 171 miles so far and will reach the finish in Empire, MI on Sunday, Mar 22 at ~5pm.

I'd like to invite all of your team members to join me at the finish line and to visit our website: where they can watch a video of my ski trek, see why I am doing it, and help support my "Mom."

An open event invite is on facebook here too: I know you skiers would be interested in another resident of Michigan who loves to go up north and cross country ski in our beautiful State. Please pass on the word. I have less than 40 miles to go!

Thank you for your interest and support, Knut

cell: 734.657.1498