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Some pics from Falun...

Tue, Mar  31, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

Men's overall.

Women's overall.

More youngsters coming on strong.

Eli Brown from the University of Utah serving it up to Torin Koos.  We've had a lot of great help this season from people who paid their own way just to come and help.  Thanks all.

It can be hard to judge technique from still photos.  But you see mostly good positions through these shots.  It is good to have good technique especially when the level of fitness is so high all around (at the World Cup level anyway).  But a very basic level of efficient, effective technique is good enough to win.  If you are fit enough.  It always comes back to that.  If you are fit enough.  Fitness first.

2 out of 3 look tired.





Season a wrap?  How did it go?  How will it go better next winter?  What do you need to start with?  Rest?  Work?

More pics and such coming soon...

(vordenberg pics)

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