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Global financial crisis stops Tour de Barents and Russian Sprint Tour

Tue, Mar  31, 2009 - By FIS

The global financial crisis has also affected the Cross-Country sport. The inaugural Tour de Barents, who was planned from 4th to 11th April in the Barents region, will be postponed till next spring 2010. "This decision will make it possible to realize all parts of the event. In the spring 2010, after the Olympic Games in Vancouver, is a perfect time to realize this northern ski competition. Tour de Barents organizing committee continues its work. The definite and sustainable goal is to organize high level Tour de Barents in spring 2010.", stated the Organizing Committee. For more information about the Tour de Barents click here.

The third edition of the Russian Sprint Tour is also affected by the financial crisis making it impossible for the organizers and their partners to hold the popular event in 2009. But the organizers are already looking forward to the 2010 edition of the Sprint Tour. To get more information about the Sprint Tour please click here:

Instead of competing in these two competition series, most athletes will continue racing in their national championships while some athletes, for example the Czech team and several Norwegian athletes, will conclude the season with a training camp at the Olympic venue in Whistler, where there are still great snow conditions available.