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Noquemanon Trail Network 2008-2009 Season in Review

Sat, Apr  11, 2009 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

We are so lucky:

  • To have witnessed a snow season totaling over 208 inches.
  • To have a great core of NTN volunteers and grooming staff.
  • To have 155K of ski trails within an hour of Marquette.

A hearty "Thank you" to all our Volunteers and Grooming Staff

Our Volunteers

Jon Sondregger
Andrew Bek
Craig Chartier
Lyle Michaels
Michael Sauer
Craig Stein
Sol Kohlhaas
Tom Asmus
Tony Lackey
Greg Borzick
Dennis & Deb Loy
Tim Rustowski
Sven Gonsted
Gene Champagne
Clare Depue

Our Grooming Staff

Doug Weesen
Brent Shut
Nate Demurs
Teague Whalen
Dan Dupras
Drew Songregger

NTN Grooming Fun Facts and Figures

  • Number of KMs groomed: 155 KM
  • Number of volunteer grooming hours: 400 hrs
  • Number of man hours total: 1,400 hrs
  • Cost of fuel: $4,000
  • Value of equipment: $300,000