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Vermont's Vasa Company trains skiers, swimmer and surfers?

Wed, Apr  15, 2009 - By Jack Thurston - WCAX News

Vermont's lakes and ponds may be frozen but that's not stopping Brian Dewyea from going kayaking. He explains, "It's all the same muscle groups [as real kayaking]."

He works for Vasa. The company makes exercise equipment for specialized sports training including skiing, swimming, and even surfing.

Company president Rob Sleamaker says, "When [surfers] find out you're in Vermont, they're asking, 'How are you in the swimming industry? You're in Vermont, don't you ski?!'"

Sleamaker was in fact a ski coach for Nordic competitors and Olympic biathlon teams. He knew athletes needed to work specific muscle groups they couldn't on treadmills or other typical gym equipment. In the case of swimmers, Vasa's trainer lets coaches see techniques that are normally hidden underwater.

Sleamaker says, "There aren't really other machines that let you do that."

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Rob Sleamaker