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Many Changes to 2006 Michigan Cup Series

Mon, Sep  26, 2005 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Several changes are taking place in the Michigan Cup this year:

Noquemanon Ski Marathon added to Michigan Cup

The Noquemanon Ski Marathon has been added this year on a trial basis. Only registered Michigan Cup skiers will score and the race will be scored like the White Pine and Vasa. Both skating and classic will be merged into one base on time for each distance. Scoring starts at 200 for the long race and 150 for the short race, going down by 1 point for men and 5 points for women.

No points for the Holley Cup

The Holley Cup's race director has scheduled the race on the Thursday between Christmas and New Years. Because the Michigan Cup Committee felt that many people who had to work that weekday would be unable to attend, we decided to drop the event from the points count.

Every team member can score points

In past years, only the points from top 30 skiers on each team counted for Michigan Cup totals. This year, every team member in excess of the 30 scoring skiers will also count. Those team members in excess of 30 scoring skiers will score 1 point for each race completed up to a maximum of 5 points per skier.

Relay scoring changes

Relay classes will remain the same, Women, Men and Coed and Age Groups will remain the same - Combined ages of all three relay team members 59 and Under, 60-149, and 150 and over.

Maximum points for each winning team will be reduced from 600 to 500.

Instead of only the top 10 teams in each category receiving points, all teams will receive points. Points for realy teams will be calculated by dividing the total number of teams into 500 and each subsequent place will be scored by subtracting that number from 500 or the previous place. For example say there are 4 teams in one group - divide 500 by 4 = 125, 1st = 500, 2nd = 375, 3rd = 250, 4th = 125.

This change in relay scoring still puts emphasis on the team aspects of the Michigan Cup, but now every team that finishes will be scored. Last year about 7 teams did not score points because the numbers of teams in that class was greater than ten and some classes had only 2 or 3 teams scoring 600, 540 and 480 points respectively. I did an analysis that shows last year's results would not have changed much except that Straits Striders would have won the Cup by about 300 points. No big changes: we've only made the scoring system fairer to those teams with mostly male skiers.


We'll be trying to get the Michigan Cup brochures out by December 1. In addition, Bob Frye will get the White Pine to stuff them in the race packets.

Team rosters

Deadline for team rosters and payments of $5/skier is January 1, 2006. Copies of the roster must be sent to both Ken Dawson and Carole Muelluer-Brumbaugh. Money must be sent to Carole.

Additions can be made up through January 31 - None will be allowed after this date. The complete roster - including all money - must be be postmarked by January 31. 


Carole-Mueller Brumbaugh (roster & money)
Michigan Cup Committee
11029 Crooked Lake Road
Rockford MI 49341

Ken Dawson (roster only)