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Bend Camp

Tue, May  26, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

It is called Team Today for a reason.


It is called team today because today is the day that matters the most.  Garrott Kuzzy and Pat Casey - To meet the days goals for Garrott: testing new skis (narrow down new skis), working on upper body compression (better use of upper body), level 1 training (develop base fitness).

The structure of the team and the needs of the individual must be balanced.  A daily goal.

Going the right pace means meeting the demands of the workout as dictated by the goals of the workout. What are you out there to do?  Do that.  Here Chris Cook checking his heart rate in a rollerski session.

Somedays are easy to enjoy.  Leif Zimmermann (BSF), Caitlin Compton (CXC), Matt Whitcomb (USST).

Other days the enjoyment comes from the challenge of doing the job right, of doing the work well.  Here Kikkan Randall checks in for a lactate test.  Cold, windy and wet days can be the best days.

Andy Newell and Kristina Strandberg (XC Oregon).  To see how Newell sets goals go to and sign up for Level 100 coaches certification.

Hydrate. Heart Rate. Lactate. Then get back out there.  Dave Chamberlain from MWSC.

Sharing the road in Bend, OR.  So many people out here cycling, running, skiing, even rollerskiing... here Andy Newell weaves his way through a pack of cyclists on the last of 6 intervals set to help deterimine his training zones.  This sort of testing along with daily checks make sure he is doing the right thing, at the right pace on the right day.  Is there another way than the right way?  No.

Morgan Arritola focused on one to two things technique wise, one thing intensity wise.  Focus on a goal = achieving that goal = progress.

Do it right today, every today.

Help Team Today reach its goals by supporting our skiers today!