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Feldkamp Top Finisher at First NSR Duathlon

2005 Team Duathlon

Tue, Oct  4, 2005 - By Mike Muha

Tim Feldkamp won the first race of Team's 3rd Annual Run/Rollerski Duathlon Series in 36:39. Yvon Dufour, after leading most of the race, came in a close second in 37:05.

They're off!

Racers began the Duathlon with a mass start 5km run then transitioned to rollerskis (or inline skates) for a 5km rollerski segment.

Although the skies were bright and sunny, several areas of the running course experienced severe "acorn showers" from above, leading at least one racer to exclaim "Ouch!"

Many pictures from the event are here.

Yvon Dufour in the transition zone

The run is the great equalizer, since everyone runs the same trail with essentially equivalent equipment. For the rollerski, racers can choose faster or slower skis or use classic or freestyle technique. This makes it impossible to directly compare rollerski times to see who's "best." Skiers tend to use the same pair of skis and technique for all the Duathlons, allow individuals to see improvement over the fall.

The next 5 km run, 5km rollerski Duathlon of this series will be held on Sunday, October 23 at 10:00am at Island Lake Recreation Area near Brighton. Racers can compare their times between events to see how they've improved during the fall.

Rank Name FS
Run Split Trans-
Ski Split Total Time Rollerski Type


1 Tim Feldkamp FS 20:50 1:35 14:14 36:39 Rollerblades
2 Yvon Dufour CL 20:35 1:45 14:45 37:05 Swedski
3 Aaron Tarnow FS 21:36 1:56 15:30 36:08 ProSki S2
4 Greg Worrel FS 31:00 3:00 20:00 54:00

Ski Skett Shark


  Mike Muha Run 21:30 - - - Run only