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Chandra Crawford: Disco queen?

Tue, Jun  9, 2009 - By Cross Country Canada

Chandra Crawford is known to Canadians as an elite cross-country skier and 2006 Olympic gold medallist.  But fans are learning that the native of Canmore, AB will be bringing plenty more to Vancouver 2010 than just her superb ski skills.  
She may even bring her disco ball.  
Crawford jumped onto the Canadian sporting scene at the age of 22, winning gold at the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games.  She has gained additional recognition and profile of late after starring in the lighthearted vignette campaign 'Get to Know Your Canadian Athletes', produced by Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium.
Joining other prominent Canadian Olympians and Paralympians in the campaign, including freestyle skier Jenn Heil, figure skater Patrick Chan, long track speed skater Clara Hughes and a whole host of others, the vignettes reveal surprising - and fun-loving - details about the athletes' personalities and lifestyles.
What kind of music makes Crawford dance up a storm?

The Olympic champion reveals that she walks around with a "stereo purse" which has its very own disco ball.  Crawford considers herself a disco dancing queen and often dances down the street while listening to tunes on her iPod.
What's her idea of fun outdoors?
"Racing the down-hills in head-to-head heats...six girls jostling for position, it's just a fabulous good time outside.  That's what I get to do every weekend," says Crawford giddily.
What kind of statement does Crawford intend to make at the 2010 Winter Games?
Crawford believes that "Vancouver 2010 will be the time to be fast and female".
Canadians are getting to know Crawford through a series of different promotional pieces on TV, radio and online, as part of the Consortium's efforts to build athlete awareness leading up to Vancouver 2010.  
Crawford recently joined Olympic Prime Time host Brian Williams in the feature 'Road to Vancouver', which appeared on CTV, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet and, highlighting her beloved hometown of Canmore, journey to Olympic gold at Turin 2006, and high hopes for Vancouver 2010.
Other Canadian cross-country skiers winning over fans nationwide in the Consortium's promotional efforts include Devon Kershaw, who stars in the 'Get to Know Your Canadian Athletes' vignette campaign.  Kershaw also happens to be a native of Canmore, and he and Crawford are dating.
Crawford and her cross-country teammates are expected to make plenty of noise at Vancouver 2010.  And millions of Canadians will be cheering her on in the months leading up to the 2010 Winter Games and all the way to the Olympic podium.