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Crystal Mtn Race on the 20th is Iffy.

Fri, Dec  12, 2003

Mike -
I just spoke with the x-c groomer at Crystal Mt. about 15 minutes ago.  Crystal got 6 inches of snow last night and they are hoping to roll the snow on the trails tomorrow after it freezes up more.  Unfortunately, they are expecting a warming trend on Tuesday and Wednesday next week with highs in the upper thirties at 37 to 39 degrees.  Snow, especially when a minimal amount, does not last long at those warm temperatures.  They are not calling off next week Saturday's race (December 20th) yet, but things are not looking promising.  Scott, the new Nordic Director, will e-mail you with updates on the last conditions.  He will also keep the race teams posted on the latest x-c conditions.
Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh