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Passport program to monitor drug usage

Fri, Jun  19, 2009 - By FIS

WadaTwo main areas of focus for WADA at present include cooperation with Interpol relating to the sourcing and supply of prohibited substances, as well the development of the Athlete’s Passport. A meeting of the working group developing the Passport project, of which FIS is a member, took place in Montreal (CAN) on 11th and 12th June.

The introduction of the Athlete’s Passport is seen as the next step in the blood testing programs that a number of International Federations, amongst which FIS is regarded as one of the pioneers, and some National Anti-Doping Agencies have been undertaking for a number of years. The passport will monitor an athlete’s blood values and can indicate abnormal parameters in relation to the athlete's personal measurements that may lead to an anti-doping rule violation after assessment by an expert panel.